Amaan Merali


Amaan Merali received his BA in History at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada.

After completing GPISH (2016), Amaan went on to do his MA in Turkish Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London with a dissertation titled The Sultan’s Heretics: Hamidian Sunnitisation and Ottoman Bureaucratic Discourse on the Ismaʿilis. This paper focused on the changes in Ottoman bureaucratic language about the Ismaʿilis in light of Sultan Abdulhamid II’s renewed emphasis on the office of the Caliphateinfo-icon.

In 2016, Amaan was awarded the IIS Doctoral Scholarship to pursue a DPhil in Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford. His thesis, entitled The Ottomansinfo-icon and the Ismailis (1850-1920): Imperial Relations with an Inter-Imperial Community explores the social and political histories of Ismaili communities across the Ottoman and British empires.