Aga Khan Library, London

The Aga Khan Library holds over 54,000 volumes focusing on Islamic Studies in general and Ismaili, Shi‘i, and Qur’anic Studies in particular. 


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two green sofas on the left , one checkered orange and red double-sided sofa and a stack of library books behind it and another stack on the right hand side (a library photo from AKC)

As part of its commitment to become one of Europe’s most relevant Islamic studies libraries, the collection includes books in English and several other European, Asian (Gujarati, Sindhi, Tajik, Urdu) and Middle Eastern (Arabic, Farsi, Ottoman Turkish, Turkish) languages. The Library is continuously growing its resources both in print and electronic format. Its digital collection now offers access to over 90,000 ebooks and countless electronic resources including journals, databases, and reference works to support research and teaching.

Ismaili Special Collections

The Institute of Ismaili Studies holds a significant repository of special collections related to the heritage of Ismaili communities and that of other Muslim traditions. 


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UCL IOE Library

The UCL IOE Library is the largest education library in Europe and holds extensive collections of current and historical materials on education and related areas of social science in print and digital formats. 


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Through IOE, IIS students can also access 17 other UCL libraries, the UCL Student Centre, as well as selected libraries in the area that offer a wide range of resources across all subject disciplines.

SOAS Library

The SOAS Library is one of the world’s most important libraries for the study of Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and one of only five National Research Libraries in the UK. 


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The Library houses over 1.3 million volumes at the SOAS campus at Russell Square in central London, together with a major collection of archives, manuscripts, rare books and special collections, an expanding Digital Library and a growing network of electronic resources.