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Fifty Years in the East

Few fields of Islamic studies have witnessed as much progress in modern times as Ismaili studies, and in even fewer instances has the role of a single individual been as pivotal in initiating progress as that of the Russian scholar Wladimir Ivanow (1886–1970), whose memoirs are now published here for the first time. The breakthrough in modern Ismaili studies occurred mainly as a result of the recovery and study of a large number of texts relating to the field, which had not been available to the earlier generations of orientalists.


The Study of Shiʿi Islam

Shiʿi Islam, with its rich and extensive history, has played a crucial role in the evolution of Islam as both a major world religion and civilisation. The prolific achievements of Shiʿi theologians, philosophers and others are testament to the spiritual and intellectual wealth of this community. Yet Shiʿi studies has unjustly remained a long-neglected field, despite the important contribution that Shiʿism has made to Islamic traditions.

Fortresses of the Intellect - Ismaili and other Islamic Studies in Honour of Farhad Daftary

Dedicated to the achievements of Dr Farhad Daftary, a leading authority on Ismaili Studies and eminent scholar of Islamic history, this volume brings together a number of studies on Islamic intellectual and political history, particularly in the three areas where his scholarship has had the greatest impact – Ismaili Studies, Persian Studies and the wider context of Shi‘i Studies.


An Interview with Dr Nadia Eboo Jamal on Post-Mongol Period of Ismaili History

Publication: Surviving the Mongols: Nizari Quhistani and the Continuity of Ismaili Tradition in Persia
Author: Dr Nadia Eboo Jamal
1. What was your motivation or source of inspiration to write this book? (00:00)
2. What aspects of Ismaili philosophy would you say are apparent in Nizari Quhistani’s poetry? (01:46)
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