Ismaili manuscripts

In Memoriam: Professor Abbas Husayn Hamdani (1926-2019)

Abbas Hamdani passed peacefully at home in Bethesda with his family by his side on 23 December 2019. He was laid to rest on Thursday 26 December 2019. He was predeceased by his beloved wife Zubeda Hamdani in 2015, and daughter Amal in 1994. He is survived by his daughter Sumaiya, and grandchildren Ali Hamdani-Shaw, Anisa Hamdani-Shaw Conde, and Zahra Hamdani.


Fifty Years in the East

Few fields of Islamic studies have witnessed as much progress in modern times as Ismaili studies, and in even fewer instances has the role of a single individual been as pivotal in initiating progress as that of the Russian scholar Wladimir Ivanow (1886–1970), whose memoirs are now published here for the first time. The breakthrough in modern Ismaili studies occurred mainly as a result of the recovery and study of a large number of texts relating to the field, which had not been available to the earlier generations of orientalists.

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