GPISH Faculty



Meet our Faculty

Prof. Kamal Abu-Deeb – Arabic Literature

Mr Rafiq Ajani – (IIS) Islamic Law; Ethics, including bioethics; Philosophy

Dr Omar Alí-de-Unzaga – (IIS) Qur’anic Studies

Mr Hasan Al-Khoee – (IIS) Arabic Public Oratory in the Early Muslim Period

Dr Nuha Al-Shaar – (IIS) Classical Arabic Literature and Thought

Dr Omar Anchassi – (Exeter) Islamic Law and Legal Theory

Prof. Ali Asani – (Harvard) Indo-Muslim and Islamic Religion and Cultures

Dr Karen Bauer – (IIS) Islamic Social and Intellectual History; Qur’anic Studies

Dr Stephen Burge – (IIS) Qur’anic Studies; Devotional Literature

Dr Alessandro Cancian – (IIS) Cultural Anthropology of Muslim Societies

Dr Valentino Cattelan – Islamic Law

Dr Farhad Daftary – (IIS) Ismaili Studies

Dr Dagi Dagiev – (IIS) History and Religion of Contemporary Societies in Post-Communist Central Asia; Re-emergence of Islam

Dr Maria De Cillis – (IIS) Islamic Philosophers and Shi’i Studies

Dr Zamira Dildorbekova – (IIS) Islam and Modernity in Post-Soviet Tajikistan

Dr Hadi Enayat – (Richmond) Religion and International Relations; Sociology of Law; Secularism

Dr Aziz Esmail – (IIS) Topics in the Philosophy of Religion

Dr Janis Esots – (IIS) Shi’i Studies

Dr Laila Halani – (IIS) Anthropology; Gender; Ismaili Studies; Contemporary Islamic movements

Prof. Gerald Hawting (SOAS) – Early Development of Islam in the Middle East; Premodern Islamic and Middle Eastern History

Dr Shainool Jiwa – (IIS) Fatimid History

Dr Christie Johnson – (IIS) Arabic Verbal Arts; Theories of Literature and the Arts

Mr Zulfiqar Khimani – (IIS) Critical social theory; Contemporary Muslim communities; Media studies; Philosophy

Dr Tullio Lobetti – (IIS) Philosophy of Religion

Dr David Lunn – (SOAS) Hindi and Urdu Literature

Dr Toby Mayer – (IIS) Qur’anic Studies

Dr Anna McSweeney – (Sussex) Islamic Arts and Architecture

Dr Orkhan Mir-Kasimov – (IIS) Intellectual History of Shi’i Islam; Islamic Mysticism and Messianism

Dr Gurdofarid Miskinzoda – (IIS) Shi’i Heritage

Mr Luay Mohammed – (ISMC/IIS) Arabic Language

Mr Abdul Jalil Muhammad – (ISMC/IIS) Arabic Language

Mr Wael Odeh – (ISMC/IIS) Arabic Language

Dr Daryoush Mohammad Poor – (IIS) Ismaili Philosophy

Dr Mohammad Rasekh – (IIS) Philosophy of Law; Law and Society; Comparative Law

Dr Maryam Rezaee – (IIS) Research Methods; Persian Language

Dr Farouk Topan – (ISMC) Swahili Literature; Islam in African Literature

Please note that some faculty members may not teach every year.