Keywords: Islamic arts, aesthetics, ethics, values, culture, revelation

Abstact: The arts rise above the limitations of language and texts to offer a window onto other cultures. Artistic beauty and aesthetics can travel across time and place, and transcend cultural and ethnic boundaries. But at the same time, the arts can reflect values and ideals of a particular culture expressed within a particular time and place. Looking particularly at Islamic arts, this article explores the close connection between beauty and the sacred, between a search for beauty and refinement of one's desire and character, between nature and revelation.


Dr. Tazim R. Kassam

Tazim R Kassam obtained her PhD in the History of Religions at McGill University in Canada. Currently Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor of Islamic Studies at Syracuse University, her research and teaching interests include gender, ritual, devotional literature, syncretism and the cultural heritage of Muslims, particularly in South Asia. 


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