Keywords: Art, Barbara Brend, British East India Company, George Marcais, Islamic, miniature, Mohamed Arkoun, Mughal, Muslim, Oleg Grabar, Ottomans, Qajar, Robert Hillenbrand

Abstact: In the mid-1700s, a new artistic movement began in India. British East India Company officers brought their European notions of art to India. To earn the patronage of these new elite, some Indian artists responded to their tastes. Miniature watercolours depicting 'typically native' scenes became popular. Thus was born the Company School of Art. Experts on Company art can rattle off a list of persons, dates and places instrumental to the movement. Similar highly specific background stories can be traced (and have been extensively documented) about other categories of art such as Impressionist, Surrealist, etc. Art is categorised according to dates of origin, subject matter, influences, key persons or even cities and region.