Semina works on and coordinates the translation of materials developed by the Department of Curriculum Studies in ten different languages other than English. She is involved in a range of translation processes, from manuscript preparation to printing. Along with translating and reviewing materials in the language(s) of her expertise, her responsibilities include developing short-term and medium-term work plans, recruitment of contracted translators and reviewers, working closely with community institutions, tracking translations, assisting with the formatting and proof-checking of materials, and ensuring that translation projects keep to assigned budgets and timelines.

Semina is a 2018 GPISH graduate from Ahmedabad, India, and completed an MA in Comparative Literature from University College London. Her dissertation, "Oral Traditions in World Literature: Analysing the Bhagvadagita and the Ginans", looks at the concept of world literature, the problems of translation/s and circulation. Semina presented a paper, "Translations as Navigating between Form and Essence" at the Institute of World Literature Summer Programme at Harvard University in 2023. In 2018-19, she interned at the IIS’s Ismaili Special Collections Unit (ISCU), where she gained experience of working with manuscripts and other Gujarati and Khojki materials. Following the internship, she worked with ITREB India as a research associate on projects related to devotional literature. Apart from being fluent in English, Gujarati, Hindi and Khojki (script), Semina has understanding of Urdu, Kutchi and Marathi. She is also familiar with Arabic and the basics of Persian.