Zahra Jiwa is Early Learning Officer in the Department of Curriculum Studies (DCS). She is responsible for supporting the development of the early years curriculum materials for the 3-5-years age group. Zahra began working with the IIS in 2019 as a TKN volunteer, and subsequently as a consultant for DCS, providing assistance with the development of the Early Childhood Development (ECD) Integrated Curriculum framework, an ECD workshop, and the Pre-Primary Curriculum framework.

Zahra holds an MA in Early Years Education from UCL Institute of Education, and is also a qualified primary school teacher with five years’ teaching experience in state and independent schools in the UK. She has been involved in a number of voluntary educational projects, including AKEB Homework Club and My Language Journey, and is currently part of the ITREB UK Primary Religious Education Team. Zahra also has a passion for language learning, having previously studied French and Mandarin. She has lived in both France and China.