Please explore the IIS website, its departments and publications, to better understand the Institute’s areas of interest. You will get an idea of our heads of department and unit coordinators, as well as the research faculty for advice.

There is certainly a pressing need for scholars who are willing to engage with Ismaili and wider Shi‛i texts, as well as studying Qur’anic interpretations, and the Scholarship is a vehicle to encourage that. However, at the IIS, the concept of “Islamic Studies” is a broad one. Please see the core research areas section above.

Several universities have online guides on how to write good research proposals. Getting advice from your potential supervisors will also help.

Yes, the Scholarship Coordinator will be in touch with you throughout your studies. In addition, you may be assigned a scholar from the IIS for academic support.

The IIS is unable to give any advice or support in this regard. Please contact your university for advice.

While 80% of past scholarships have been given to pursue doctoral studies at British universities, other prestigious universities abroad may also be considered.

Not necessarily, but GPISH does provide students with the intellectual tools and the awareness of the IIS’s core areas, which are needed to do a PhD.

STEP graduates can only apply after they have fulfilled their contractual teaching commitment.

You may apply for AKF scholarships. The page also includes a useful link with a list of international and country-specific scholarships.

No. You normally apply for these to the university where you have been accepted for the PhD degree.