Following the successful completion of GPISH, you will embark on a bespoke three-month residential course that builds on the GPISH curriculum, followed by a nine-month paid professional internship at sponsoring ITREBs, which will include a field assignment.

After that, you will return to the IIS for a six-week residential course to consolidate your learning and field experiences. You will have the possibility of participating in a range of continuing professional development opportunities offered by ITREBs and the IIS, before returning to the IIS for a final three-week residential course. On successful completion of your training, you will join an ITREB in a full-time capacity. PGRF candidates will be committed to working with ITREBs for at least three years after graduation.

Following your training and during your professional engagement with ITREBs, you will be entitled to publish articles in academic journals, as well as on the IIS website, in the annual IIS Update magazine and the Alumni newsletter for two academic years. As an affiliate of the IIS, you may also present papers at academic conferences.