Book 1: Our Early History

Book 1: “Our Early History” extends children’s knowledge of the lives of Prophet Muhammad and Hazrat Ali. Beginning with the early years, the book highlights critical events that took place in Mecca and Medina, and which contributed to shaping the formative period of Islam in Arabia.


Book 2: A Fountain of Stories

Book 2: “A Fountain of Stories” invites children to explore the rich literary heritage of Muslim societies. It presents a selection of stories from well-known classics such as Kalila and Dimna, the Mathnawi of Mawlana Rumi, and Farid al-Din Attar’s The Conference of the Birds. The stories have been specially adapted for children to facilitate their understanding of key ideas.


Book 3: This Mysterious Universe

Book 3: “This Mysterious Universe” seeks to acquaint children with basic ideas related to the intellectual and spiritual aspects of their faith. The book attempts to make children aware of the different levels of meaning that open up to them when they reflect upon the mysteries hidden in the everyday world around them.


Activity Book

The Activity Book consists of a series of activity sheets to be used with the fourth year's curriculum. The activity sheets have been designed to support, reinforce and extend the objectives of each topic in the curriculum. They provide an interesting and creative medium through which children can express themselves by doing practical work in the classroom and at home. 


Teacher’s and Parent’s Guide

The Teacher’s and Parent’s Guide is the main reference source for implementing the curriculum. It is designed for use in diverse teaching and learning environments, including the classroom and the home. The Guide contains a general introduction to the aims and approaches of the curriculum. It also provides a series of structured topic plans, each consisting of objectives, instructional content, learning activities, and other useful suggestions.