Book 1: Growing and Learning

Book 1: “Growing and Learning” reinforces in children their self-understanding as Ismaili Muslims in the context of the wider society around them. Children are encouraged to establish positive relationships with people of all faiths and cultures. They are also led to reflect on their moral responsibilities and the importance of education as an essential part of growing up.


Book 2: A Journey into Our Past

Book 2: “A Journey into Our Past” is an elementary text which explores selected aspects of Ismaili history with young children. Bearing in mind the age group being addressed, the text introduces this history in a way that young children will find engaging. Through an imaginary journey, children visit a series of places which are connected with important events in the Ismaili community’s past.


Book 3: Murids of Imam az-Zaman

Book 3: “Murids of Imam az-Zaman” deepens children’s understanding of the Ismaili Muslim community today. The book introduces the readers to Ismaili children from around the world who talk about their countries, their Jamats, and their own hobbies and interests. The young readers also learn of the special relationship that exists between the Imam of the time and his murids all over the world.


Activity Book

The Activity Book consists of a series of activity sheets to be used with the second year’s curriculum. The activity sheets have been designed to support, reinforce and extend the objectives of each topic in the curriculum. They provide an interesting and creative medium through which children can express themselves by doing practical work in the classroom and at home.


Teacher’s and Parent’s Guide

The Teacher’s and Parent’s Guide is the main reference source for implementing the curriculum. It is designed for use in diverse teaching and learning environments, including the classroom and the home. The Guide contains a general introduction to the aims and approaches of the curriculum. It also provides a series of structured topic plans, each consisting of objectives, instructional content, learning activities, and other useful suggestions.