Book 1: Prophets of Allah

Book 1: “Prophets of Allah” introduces children to the lives of three of God's messengers – Prophets Nuh, Ibrahim and Musa. Through the stories of these prophets, children are acquainted at a basic level with the concepts of prophethood and revelation. They are also exposed to the teachings of the prophets, their deep faith in Allah, and their noble and inspiring deeds.


Book 2: Festivals and Celebrations

Book 2: “Festivals and Celebrations” explores with children special days that they experience in their everyday lives. They learn about some of the events that are celebrated by Ismaili families and communities around the world. The emphasis is on encouraging children to take delight in celebrating the events, while reflecting at an elementary level on their significance.


Book 3: Treasures of Islam

Book 3: “Treasures of Islam” immerses children in the rich artistic, literary and intellectual heritage of Muslim societies around the world. Children are made aware of the creativity that led to the classical achievements in the past, and which today continues to inspire the Muslim imagination in all spheres of endeavour.


Activity Book

The Activity Book consists of a series of activity sheets to be used with the third year's curriculum. The activity sheets have been designed to support, reinforce and extend the objectives of each topic in the curriculum. They provide an interesting and creative medium through which children can express themselves by doing practical work in the classroom and at home.


Teacher’s and Parent’s Guide

The Teacher’s and Parent’s Guide is the main reference source for implementing the curriculum. It is designed for use in diverse teaching and learning environments, including the classroom and the home. The Guide contains a general introduction to the aims and approaches of the curriculum. It also provides a series of structured topic plans, each consisting of objectives, instructional content, learning activities, and other useful suggestions.