Book 1: Exploring and Discovering

Book 1: “Exploring and Discovering” is based on the subject of travel, exploration and encounter in Muslim societies of the past. The book traces the movement of people, and the accompanying exchange of goods, skills and ideas, between Muslim lands and neighbouring regions. The readers also learn about famous explorers, trade routes, and travel sciences in the context of the encounter of different cultures and civilisations.


Book 2: Cities and Civilisations

Book 2: “Cities and Civilisations” surveys the cultures of people living in the Muslim world in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The cities of Istanbul, Isfahan and Lahore are selected as key centres of creativity, representing respectively the civilisations of the Ottomans, Safavids and Mughals. The book also highlights critical developments in other parts of the world which affected the life of people in these societies.


Book 3: People and Places

Book 3: “People and Places” is an exploration of the cultural diversity of six regions of the world where there is a significant Muslim presence. Ranging from South-east Asia to North America and Europe, each region is presented in terms of its countries, peoples, faiths and cultures. The book includes examples of major issues faced by people living in these areas which have a bearing on their quality of life.


Activity Book

The Activity Book consists of a series of activity sheets to be used with the sixth year's curriculum. The activity sheets have been designed to support, reinforce and extend the objectives of each topic in the curriculum. They provide an interesting and creative medium through which children can express themselves by doing practical work in the classroom and at home.


Teacher’s and Parent’s Guide

The Teacher’s and Parent’s Guide is the main reference source for implementing the curriculum. It is designed for use in diverse teaching and learning environments, including the classroom and the home. The Guide contains a general introduction to the aims and approaches of the curriculum. It also provides a series of structured topic plans, each consisting of objectives, instructional content, learning activities, and other useful suggestions.